About Our Park

One in every 10 children in San Luis Obispo County have special needs for physical disabilities, serious illnesses, injuries or birth defects. The Jack Ready Imagination Park is our community’s first universally accessible park, giving children of all abilities the opportunity to play in a safe, beautiful place. The Park, 33 acres located on the Nipomo Mesa, will be accessible by foot, bike, stroller, wheelchair and walker, and will include:

  • Themed play structures
  • Sand play area
  • Sports areas
  • Therapeutic equestrian riding center
  • Sensory garden

Park Timeline

  1. Broke ground on the Jack Ready Imagination Park on April 4, 2014.
  2. Installed new road base and well in summer 2015.
  3. Universally accessible bathrooms and kitchenette are now in place.

Our next phase is the playground – sponsorship opportunities are available.