Camp Reach for the Stars

Our goal at Camp Reach for the Stars is to give kids coping with cancer the chance to be kids – an experience often taken away or put on hold by the disease. It allows the children to shed the hefty “cancer-patient” label. While at camp, the children are able to let loose and have fun participating in normal summer camp activities, all while surrounded by fellow campers and counselors who know first hand what they are going through.

For volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, please call (805) 547-1914. We have counselor and junior counselor volunteer positions for each family. Those volunteers must complete an application, background check, and attend training sessions prior to participating at Camp.

2024 Event Sponsors

“Camp Reach for the Stars exceeded our expectations! Our family was welcomed with hugs, smiling faces, gifts, fantastic food, fun events, and best of all, family time. As a first time family, we were impressed with all of the hard work and effort JHH put into spoiling families and creating a special time to relax, bond and make new memories. A huge thank you to JHH and team!

- The Rippen Family