Child of the Month


Every month, we highlight a child so you can hear about the wonderful children that we help in our community.

Meet our child of the month, Savannah. Savannah is a vivacious happy 15 year old with arthrogryposis and epilepsy. Despite her very limited mobility, she loves to be active. She uses her electric chair to get around since she is unable to walk and has very limited use of her arms. She loves to skateboard, swim, and sit on a surfboard. She is also articulate in Spanish and English. Savannah's favorite color is pink and she loves going to the Madonna Inn on Monday evenings to hear the swing music and dance a little.

Savannah's mom said "having a reliable safe way for Savannah to participate in outdoor activities has been a challenge." Jack's Helping Hand purchased her a large adult-size stroller so she could have a reliable and safe way to participate in outdoor activities. Also, Savannah was hospitalized for 10 days recently and Jacks Helping Hand assisted with transportation costs and food expenses.