Child of the Month

Meet Bentlee

Every month, we highlight a child so you can hear about the wonderful children that we help in our community.

Meet Bentlee. She was diagnosed at her 23 week ultrasound with a heart defect and later learned it was caused by DiGeorge Syndrome. DiGeorge Syndrome is a deletion of the 22q chromosome, and can cause little to many effects, such as a heart defect. The family learned that Bentlee would need open heart surgery shortly after birth, and future surgery as well. They were referred to UCLA and nine short days after she was born, she went in for her first open heart surgery. Bentlee is now 6 months old and thriving!

Bentlee's mom says: "Thanks to Jack's Helping Hand, we make every appointment, we don't go hungry and we always have a place to stay. They are also emotionally supportive as well, and have helped me keep my head up with kind words!"