Child of the Month


Every month, we highlight a child so you can hear about the wonderful children that we help in our community. We would like to introduce you to Le'a.

Le'a is 17 years old and started our Little Riders equine therapy program almost 1 year ago. When she began the program, she was very shy and would not allow anyone to stand beside or behind her. She also communicates at a basic level and does not do well with strangers.

Little Riders has changed all of that! At first, Le'a would only say "hi" to the horse and volunteers but after many weeks of building trust, she was able to pet, brush and eventually walk the horse around the arena. As she became more comfortable, Le'a started talking more and engaging with the volunteers and horses!

After the Cal Poly Special Needs Rodeo, Lisa (our Little Riders Instructor) was able to get Le'a to sit on the horse and ride for a total of 5 minutes. The following week, she rode for 10 minutes and now Le'a stays on the horse for more than 20 minutes. She has also learned to trust those around her and allow people to stand and walk beside or behind her. Le'a and her family are grateful for her progress and thankful for the Little Riders Program!