Child of the Month


Every month, we highlight a child so you can hear about the wonderful children that we help in our community. We would like to introduce you to Bryson.

Bryson is a 6 year old boy who loves playing football, basketball and baseball. The helmet he wears doesn't just protect him from tackles. It protects him from the seizures he's had for the past two years.

When he was 4 he started to have seizures that were completely out of the blue. There was no controlling them. Two months after the seizures started, Bryson suffered 100 grand mal seizures in a 12-hour period. He was taken by ambulance from Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. It was there that Bryson was given a helmet to wear to protect him from head injuries during his seizures.

By August 2017, the Thompson Family realized he was outgrowing the helmet and needed a new one. Their insurance company turned them down, saying a new helmet wasn't medically necessary. That's when Jack's Helping Hand stepped in and made sure Bryson got a new helmet!

Jack's Helping Hand helps Bryson with travel to his appointments as well as any needed medical equipment.