Support Programs

Together Towards Tomorrow

Jack’s Helping Hand welcomes families who have been affected by a child's cancer diagnosis to attend our Together Towards Tomorrow cancer support group. We are able to provide a safe space for parents and children to heal and be supported. These sessions include a licensed therapist, art therapy for both parents and child, translation for our Spanish-speaking families, and a priceless opportunity to bond with other parents and families in similar circumstances. We are so honored to be able to offer an opportunity of support and healing to parents and children dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Jack’s Helping Hearts

Jack’s Helping Hand holds casual gatherings for parents with children born with various heart issues or defects. This group is designed for parents to connect, support and encourage one another through difficult times and to celebrate their children’s triumphant milestones.

Many of these parents keep connected through social media, but being able to share their needs, ask questions, network and engage in discussions in a private safe area is truly a bonding experience.This journey can be difficult for so many, we encourage parents to seek support and not walk through it together.

For more information on either of these groups, please call (805) 547-1914.

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