Endowment Gift

Jack’s Helping Hand’s endowment provides essential stability and is a permanent source of funding for our organization.This ongoing support is invaluable as it provides more resources to be focused on our mission and programs.

Your endowment gift of any size is invested in our endowment and Jack’s Helping Hand receives income annually to support our work.Your investment and our endowment provide a stable and permanent source of funding.It is a gift that keeps giving for generations and helps us build a solid foundation today so that we can continue to provide our services for the generations of tomorrow.

We have partnered with UBS to administer our endowment.Their non-profit investment expertise, administrative support and planned giving knowledge provide you with confidence to know that your gift is being managed wisely. For larger endowment gifts, there are naming opportunity options available where your gift will be displayed for generations to come!

For more information about please contact Jack’s Helping Hand at [email protected] or call (805)547-1914.

Together we can form a valuable partnership securing the future of Jack’s Helping Hand. You will be supporting our Mission Today, Tomorrow and Forever!