"Having a child with cancer is a life-altering event. Along with it, comes a level of stress and a financial burden. JHH steps in to help ease that burden. Hotel rooms, gas, and food are often provided when our treatment requires us to travel out of our area. We couldn't imagine our lives without JHH."

- Erika Cota

Little Swimmers

The Little Swimmers program is a year-round program for special needs children ages 2 to 12. Taught by specially trained Kinesiologist Kay Heaton, these classes ar designed for parent and child to engage them in fun water activities that encourage both physical and social development. Classes take place on Fridays in a warm water therapy pool near San Luis High School.

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Water Warriors

Our new Water Warriors program is geared toward older children and young adults ages 10 to 21. Led by Kinesiologist Kay Heaton, this one-on-one therapy program helps children going through chemotherapy, radiation and chronic pain by relieving some of their discomfort. This clinical approach sets the stage to help children have fun and feel better.

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Little Riders

Little Riders is an adaptive horseback-riding program that is specifically designed for children with physical and cognitive disabilities ages. Equine programs such as this one can help improve balance, strength and coordination, which result in increased mobility, independence and overall function. Classes take place at Wagner Ranch in Arroyo Grande and are led by Lisa Ankenbrandt, a Professional Association

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Toy Lending Libraries

The world of play is accessible to children with all types of abilities through our toy lending libraries that offer traditional as well as adaptive toys for children and their families to check out at no cost and enjoy at home. The adaptive toys are operated with special switches or attachments that assist in teaching new skills and help build a base for children to reach their full potential.

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Jack’s Toy Box

Jack’s Helping Hand has partnered with the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education (SLOCOE) to provide children who are experiencing developmental delays, hearing loss, or have identified disabilities the toys they need to grow and develop.

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Mighty Movers

The Mighty Movers program, created from a partnership between The Movement Arts Center and Jack’s Helping Hand, offers movement workshops for families of children with special needs. The goal of the workshops is to give those with movement challenges and restrictions an opportunity to move in a manner and pace that they determine, and to discover and expand their own movement potential.

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