About Our Park

One in every 10 children in San Luis Obispo County have special needs for physical disabilities, serious illnesses, injuries or birth defects. The Jack Ready Imagination Park is our community’s first universally accessible park, giving children of all abilities the opportunity to play in a safe, beautiful place. The Park, 33 acres located on the Nipomo Mesa, will be accessible by foot, bike, stroller, wheelchair and walker, and will include:

  • Themed play structures
  • Sand play area
  • Sports areas
  • Therapeutic equestrian riding center
  • Sensory garden

Park Timeline

  1. Broke ground on the Jack Ready Imagination Park on April 4, 2014.
  2. Installed new road base and well in summer 2015.
  3. Universally accessible bathrooms and kitchenette are now in place.

Our next phase is the playground – sponsorship opportunities are available.

In 2005, approximately 30 acres of land in Nipomo was generously donated to the County of San Luis Obispo by the Nick and Kathy Tompkins family in order to establish a park in memory of Jack. The Jack Ready Imagination Park will be a special place that will allow children with disabilities to play with their peers, while also providing a fun and relaxing experience for the entire family, including adults with special needs. The park will eventually include a universally accessible playground, a therapeutic equine facility, basketball and volleyball courts, playing fields, accessible hiking trails, bridal paths, as well as picnic areas. The Park has been a work in progress since the land was originally donated. The entire Park has been graded, the Park water well and system have been installed, and the Phase I roadway and parking areas have been paved, complete with sidewalks and curbing. We have installed a multi-user public restroom facility as our first vertical Park improvement, and most recently completed arrangements with P.G. & E. which will provide three-phase electrical service to the Park. We expect electrical service, related improvements, and a requisite fire suppression system to be completed by the end of this summer! We recently secured an additional $500,000.00 grant from the County of San Luis Obispo, and are looking forward to commencing construction of the playground, which is now closer than it has ever been!

We appreciate the community input on our universally accessible playground at the Jack Ready Park! Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below.