Little Swimmers

Little Swimmers is a year-round program from children 2-12 years old with special needs. These sessions provide individualized lessons incorporating methods which minimize sensory obstacles and offer a different approach to traditional swimming lessons.

Water Warriors is geared towards older children and young adults. Depending on the need, sessions may include swimming adaptations after injury, relaxing floatation techniques to calm pain or anxiety, and strengthening and aquatic exercises.

“One of Club K’s most ambitious programs provides children of all abilities and special needs the lifelong gift of water skills, basic water safety and play. We are so grateful for Jack’s Helping Hand’s financial support and the staff’s devotion to this program. The joy and sense of accomplishment it brings to children in our community, who might not otherwise have the opportunity for warm water, adaptive sessions is immeasurable. Thank you!”
- Kay Heaton, PhD. Brandee Tronstad, RN, ATRIC