Imagination Park Gallery

Every child needs a fun, safe and beautiful place to play and thrive outside in the sunshine.

That's why we're building a park that will accommodate all physical abilities, one that will offer a sensory garden for a hearing and sight impaired, playground equipment built especially for kids with disabilities and mobility issues, an equestrian center for therapeutic horseback riding and fields and picnic facilities for families to enjoy.

One in every 10 children in San Luis Obispo County have special needs for physical disabilities, serious illnesses, injuries or birth defects. Unfortunately, the physically challenged children in our county are often denied a place to play, laugh, swing, ride, and explore like other children. The Jack Ready Imagination Park will be the first outdoor park of its kind in the 400 miles of coastal California between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The universally accessible park will give these children the chance to spend time outside in a safe, sunny and beautiful environment.

Park Features

The entire park will be accessible by foot, bike, stroller, wheelchair and walker. Features of the 33-acre park on the Nipomo Mesa will include:

  • Themed play structures
  • Sand play area
  • Soccer and baseball fields
  • Basketball courts
  • Therapeutic equestrian riding center