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The mission of Jack’s Helping Hand, Inc. is to establish and provide community programs that enable and empower families, professionals, and the broader community to meet the unique unmet physical, mental, and medical needs of special children and young adults who have not attained the age of twenty-one.

Ways to Donate

Like most nonprofits, Jack’s Helping Hand relies on your generosity to help the children who come to us. There are many ways to donate:

  • Individual cash donations
  • Group donations
  • Jack's Kids Klub - classroom fundraising projects
  • Jack's Helping Hand Birthday Club
  • RiteAid Kid Cents Program
  • Corporate Match Programs
  • Legacy gifts through a will or trust
  • Volunteer! There are many opportunities. See the Volunteer page for a detailed list.

Call us at (805) 547-1914 or email for details. Or you can donate right now by clicking on the link below.

Donate Now!

Donations to Jack’s Helping Hand provide the funds that allow us to fulfill our mission to meet the needs of disabled children and young adults. Jack’s Helping Hand relies entirely on donations to fund our projects.

Your gifts support programs in the following areas:

  • Technology specially designed to facilitate use by disabled individuals
  • Therapeutic equipment
  • Travel to a medical appointment- gas, lodging and food
  • Community projects such as the Jack Ready Imagination Park
  • Medical expenses
  • Toys for Toy Lending Library
  • Scholarships for Little Swimmers and Teen Yoga classes

Make a Donation