Jack’s Happenings – September 2023 E-newsletter

September Child of the month — Charlee!

Our September Child of the Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Spotlight is an exceptional girl – Charlee!

Charlee was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Cancer in September 2019 at 18 months old. Recently, Charlee received a bone marrow transplant at 5 years old. Upon Charlee’s request, Charlee celebrated “transplant day” by enjoying ice cream and a night walk to relish the fresh air and the cool blue moon after nearly 40 days of being confined to a room. Charlee will continue to be in Stem Cell Isolation for 6 months to 1 year post-transplant, wearing her protective “Darth Vader” mask until her immune system fully develops. Charlee has transitioned to outpatient treatment at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and her family has relocated to Palo Alto until mid-November. 

Charlee’s journey has been a remarkable one. Despite facing challenges and the rigors of treatment, she has continued to inspire with her positivity and strength. Her upbeat attitude has made the difficult process much more bearable for her and her loved ones. The love and support surrounding Charlee are a testament to the power of community and resilience.

“She’s been on this journey for 4 years and has never lost her smile or strength. She’s a hero to many for how hard she has fought this battle.”

Jack’s Helping Hand has supported Charlee since her diagnosis in 2019 by providing gas, food, and lodging expenses. 

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